This is a place to remember and honor Kyle Pascal Stoeckli who passed away on Saturday, June 1st 2013. He is forever a son to Bruno and Sonja Stoeckli, a sister to Stephanie Stoeckli, a best friend to Becca Reading and Neil Murphy and a hero to our entire community and country.

Kyle is at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.  We expect him back home soon.  Please keep checking back for updates.  In lieu of flowers, please cosider donating to the Kyle P Stoeckli Memorial Scholarship Fund at http://www.cpefound.org

The Foundation is honored to receive memorial gifts in Kyle Stoeckli’s name. Memorial gifts should be made to the Kyle P Stoeckli Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o Chesterfield Public Education Foundation, P. O. Box 3883, Richmond, VA 23235 or through the foundation’s website at http://www.cpefound.org.

The “Kyle P Stoeckli Memorial Scholarship Fund” is now accessible on the pull down menu at the following link: https://cpefound.org/donate-online?view=donation&campaign_id=0
The Stoeckli family is deeply touched by the community outreach and they sincerely thank you for your support.

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