2 thoughts on “Family

  1. This country was built by brave men and women. They all put their lives on the line for the principles that made this country great and a leader on this planet. They stood and fought against evil and tyranny on the shores of our land to the farthest places on this earth. The have protected their friends, family and even strangers they have and will never meet. The names of many are etched in our history books and on statues built of them but for each of them there hundreds more that were behind the headlines from the cold times of our country was founded, to the trenches of Europe and jungles of Asia and now the sands of the Middle East. Many paid the highest price; these are the ones that deserve the highest honor, let us always remember them, who they were and how they lived. They are the true heroes of our time and will always be respected in the hearts and minds of men of honor. Men like Kyle are to be ranked with our other country’s heroes, Washington, Jefferson and men like this. May the peace of God find you and your family in this hard time but rest assured you are not along, the love, respect and prayers of many people is with you today.

  2. Thank you John so much for your kind words. It is a long hard road for us and thanks to people like you we are living on with love in our hearts!

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