The Kyle P Stoeckli Memorial Scholarship Fund

This is a place to remember and honor Kyle Pascal Stoeckli who passed away on Saturday, June 1st 2013. He is forever a son to Bruno and Sonja Stoeckli, a sister to Stephanie Stoeckli, a best friend to Becca Reading and Neil Murphy and a hero to our entire community and country.

The Foundation is honored to receive memorial gifts in Kyle Stoeckli’s name. Memorial gifts should be made to the Kyle P Stoeckli Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o Chesterfield Public Education Foundation, P. O. Box 3883, Richmond, VA 23235 or through the foundation’s website at

The “Kyle P Stoeckli Memorial Scholarship Fund” is now accessible on the pull down menu at the following link:
The Stoeckli family is deeply touched by the community outreach and they sincerely thank you for your support.

2 thoughts on “The Kyle P Stoeckli Memorial Scholarship Fund

  1. Afternoon
    My name is Doug Tshudy and I live in Woodlake, Midlothian VA.
    I am a proud American thanks to our brave soldiers like Kyle.
    I play in a band in Woodlake and would like to discuss holding a benefit concert for Kyle and his family.
    If this is a possibility, please contact me via email.
    Doug Tshudy

  2. Dear Doug, thank you so much for leaving this kind note. I did not see this until just now.
    I hope you do not think that we are ungrateful! So sorry! I think it would be a lovely idea to have a concert.
    We could talk about this mmaybe in a few weeks as I am leaving right now to go on a very needed vacation!
    Thanks Sonja

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